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Roaring Camp, Inc. Directors & Officers

Board of Directors:

Frederick Bear, Catherine Thorsen, Melani Clark, Bodey Denault, John B. DeNault III, Michael Sarka


Melani Clark, President

John DeNault III, Treasurer

Rosemary Sarka, Secretary


1.) How can I purchase stock in Roaring Camp Railroads?

Roaring Camp Inc. does not have stock for purchase. In some circumstances, Roaring Camp Inc. will repurchase stock from existing shareholders. For further information, please contact the Stockholders Dept. at 831-335-4484 ext 128, or you can Email your inquiry to [email protected]

2.) What is the value of Roaring Camp stock?

Roaring Camp stock is privately held and not publicly traded, so there is no actual dollar amount to quote. To determine the value of stock you hold in Roaring Camp, Inc. refer to your most recent Annual Report and divide the Total Shareholder’s equity, at the bottom of the balance sheet, by the number of shares in the Quorum section of the minutes of the last meeting. Multiply the number of shares you hold by this amount to determine the “book value” of your stock.

3.) How do I transfer my stock?

Please contact the Stockholders Dept. for detailed information on exactly how to sign off your certificate(s) There is a processing fee of $25.00 to transfer stock.

4.) What can I do if I lost my stock certificate(s)?

We have two forms that can be used in place of the original stock certificates that can be used to legally transfer your stock. Please contact the Stockholders Dept. to receive these forms. There is a $25.00 processing fee to transfer stock.

5.) My parents had stock in Roaring Camp. Is it still good?

Please call or email us to determine if it’s still on file.

6.) How do I change my address?

You can either call us and speak to the Stockholders Dept., mail in a letter with the changes written out clearly or use our contact form.

The mailing address is:

Stockholders c/o Roaring Camp Railroads Inc.

P.O. Box G-1, Felton, Calif, 95018

7.) Why didn’t I receive my complimentary tickets in the mail?

We may not have your current address if you have moved. Please contact us

8.) Can I give part of my stock to my children or grandchildren?

Yes. You can gift part, or all of your stock to whomever you like. Please contact the Stockholders Dept. for instructions and forms. There is a $25.00 processing fee to transfer stock.

*Very Important Note* Please be careful to always notify Roaring Camp of any change in address. The law requires us to escheat stock to the California State Controllers office of Unclaimed Property if we have no contact for three years from any particular shareholder. Stock that has already been escheated can be reclaimed at :