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Redwood Forest Steam Train


DURATION | 75 mins

Travel over trestles, through towering redwood groves and up a winding narrow-gauge grade to the summit of Bear Mountain as conductors narrate the history of Roaring Camp, the railroad and the forest.

In the 1880s, narrow-gauge steam locomotives were used to haul giant redwood logs out of the mountains. Roaring Camp’s steam engines date from 1890 and are among the oldest and most authentically preserved narrow-gauge steam engines providing regularly scheduled passenger service in America.

Felton, Calif. – Among geared locomotives, three companies (Shay, Heisler and Climax) are widely credited with dominating the logging and industrial marketplace. Shay locomotives were designed in 1872 particularly for Western U.S. logging operations. Roaring Camp Railroads owns several Shay locomotives, a Heisler, Climax, and five diesel engines. Not all are operational as some are undergoing renovation and extensive refurbishing. On any given day, one might see one or more of the following steam locomotives transporting visitors deep into the heart of the breathtaking Santa Cruz Mountains.

All departures are roundtrip to Bear Mountain, returning to Roaring Camp.

Departing Daily SEE SCHEDULE

1941 Plymouth Diesel may be used. Operating schedule & all prices subject to change without notice

Adults (13 & up): $39.95
Children (2-12): $24.95
Under 2 Years: FREE
Sheriff pin

The Marshal can be found trotting around Roaring Camp grounds on his horse or singing a tune with the deputy at the jailhouse. Locate the Marshal to have your passbook stamped.

Gold pin

Dredge for gold at the Gold Panning station. Once you Strike it rich, ask the forty-niner to stamp your Kids Club passbook. Every stamp gets you closer to the loot!

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Departing from the Santa Cruz Mountains, travel through Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, down the scenic San Lorenzo River Gorge, across a 1909 steel truss bridge and through an 1875 tunnel before arriving at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.